Welcome to Gwdihw.

Specialist services in quality assurance, accreditation, assessment
and training.

About Us

Gwdihw is a specialist educational consultancy service based in South Wales. We offer expert quality assurance advice as well as accreditation, assessment services and training throughout Wales. With over 20 years of experience, Gwdihw's top owl Helen McInerney has an exceptional reputation for supporting organisations in their quality assurance, assessment and accreditation solutions. We meet the needs of individuals, teams and organisations alike and provide bespoke solutions by working with you.

Our method encourages collaboration and partnership in a way that finds the perfect working relationship with you, your team and your organisation. Through sharing our strong value of integrity and professionalism, you can relax and be confident that Gwdihw will take care of your QA, accreditation, assessment and training needs.

So when you need a tailored, professional service individual to your needs, please get in touch.  

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